Our main activity is the manufacture and sale of spare parts for cutting machines in the textile industry. This way we can offer you the following components from our program:

  • Bristles / Bristle Pads
  • knives for cutting machines
  • toothed belts and pulleys
  • electronic components
  • bearings
  • chains
  • seals
  • foils
  • pneumatic components
  • …..

Toothed belts

We supply toothed belts of all kinds and sizes from different manufacturers:

  • Belt H profile
  • Belt X profile
  • Belt L profile
  • Belt M profile
  • Belt T profile
  • Belt AT profile

Toothed pulleys

We supply pulleys for toothed belts of all types and sizes:

  • pulleys for belts H
  • pulleys for belts X
  • pulleys for belts L
  • pulleys for belts M
  • pulleys for belts T
  • pulleys for belts AT

Electronic components

Supply and repair of various electronic components for textile machinery:

  • servo amplifiers
  • controllers
  • engines
  • frequency regulators
  • other….

Bearings, chains, seals

We supply various spare parts of renowned manufacturers for cutting and textile machines:

  • bearings
  • seals
  • chains
  • sprockets
  • and other.

Pneumatic components

For a wide range of applications, we offer a wide range of connectors:

  • quick connectors for plastic pipes
  • classic connectors for plastic pipes
  • universal classic connectors for plastic pipes
  • quick couplings
  • reducing elements and pipes


We offer a wide range of valves for various applications:

  • electro pneumatic and pneumatic valves
  • mechanical valves
  • manual valves and pedals
  • automatic valves


We offer you a wide range of cylinders with diameters from 6 to 200 mm and with a stroke of 5 to 3000 mm, two-way and one-way, magnetic and non-magnetic, and some models also have external guides. Wide offer and cylinders enable users to have greater flexibility in implementing technical solutions.

Wide offer and cylinders enable users to have greater flexibility in implementing technical solutions.

Plastic and metal parts

For many years, the company has been engaged in the manufacture of plastic parts such as:

  • Bristles for cutting machines
  • Boxes for threads and spindles

Upon the request of the customer, we are ready and able to develop new products with our subcontractors, to develop the necessary tools and documentation for them, and to manufacture these products, as required, including the necessary packaging.